my church has never participated before. how can we join?

Renew Camp is a beautiful picture depiction of the unity of the body of Christ as churches across different traditions come together for a week of fun, service, and fellowship. We would love to have a conversation about what it might look like for your church to be a part of this unique opportunity!

who can PARTICIPATE? how much does it cost?

Renew Camp is intended for rising 9th through graduated 12th graders! 

The cost depends year-to-year and will be released as we prepare to open registrations.

is there a child protection policy? what are the security measures?

Yes! We do! We have a Child Protection Policy in place. Additionally, we have taken other security measures to ensure that our adult leaders and students are well protected at all times.

what kind of projects do work teams have?

Projects can range from cleaning, to yard work, to helping with other local non-profits. We've partnered with a variety of organizations in the past, like schools, food pantries, and clothes clothes.